How to Block a Cell Phone Number From Calling a Land Line

By Charlie Gaston

Whether you’re a parent wanting to block the cell phone number of a child who is harassing your child, or someone wanting to block the cellular phone number of an ex-spouse, there are a number of ways you can block a cell phone number from calling your land line. Currently, land lines do not distinguish between land line and cellular phone numbers. Thus, there is not a unique way to block a cell phone number. You need only have a correct phone number--cellular or land line--to implement the blocking process.

Step 1

Confirm the 10-digit cellular phone number. A cell phone number cannot be blocked unless it contains an area code. For example, 555-123-4567 contains a three-digit area code and a seven-digit phone number.

Step 2

From your landline, dial *60 (star 60) and follow the prompts. Enter the 10-digit cell phone number you want to block to complete the blocking process.

Step 3

If you want to block every number except for a few pre-selected ones, dial *64 (star 64). Following these prompts lets you allow up to 12 pre-selected cell and/or land line numbers to call your land line.

Step 4

Contact your landline phone service provider and ask about “call screen.” Not all phone carriers provide the service and an activation process is necessary to order the service. Cell phone numbers can be blocked using this service.

Step 5

If you prefer, you can call the operator and request that she block the 10-digit cellular phone number. You may need to pay a nominal service fee. The operator can confirm that the number has been blocked and the method by which it was blocked, should you want to reverse the service in the future. She may activate a blocking service based on your request, using *60 (star 60) or setting up a call screening feature. Ask about fees and service charges.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember, if you change your mind about a phone number, you can reverse the blocking service. Record the blocked number for your records in case you need it.