How to Block a Number With Verizon

By Stephanie Ellen

If you're receiving calls from people you'd rather not talk to, you might want to block their number from calling your phone. Call blocking prevents a person from calling you from a particular number. Verizon wireless offers its subscribers an option to block unwanted phone numbers from their online accounts. You can only block up to five numbers at a time for any one Verizon phone number, so choose which people you'd rather not hear from judiciously.

Step 1

Click on the "My Verizon Sign In" web page if you are a land-line subscriber, or "Verizon Wireless" if you are a cellular subscriber. Sign into your account.

Step 2

Click the "My Services" button on the top toolbar.

Step 3

Click "Spam Control" or "Call and Message Blocking."

Step 4

Enter the phone number that you want to block into the text box, then click "Apply."

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are receiving harassing calls, hang-ups, or obscene calls, contact Verizon and ask to speak to their annoyance calls bureau.