How to Block a Phone Number From Calling Your House Phone

By Joanne Cichetti

Nowadays, telephone is a basic necessity without which you cannot carry out your day-to-day activities. You also use the phone to stay in touch with family and friends. However, telephone can be a source of annoyance, especially if you continuously receive unwanted calls from telemarketers, pranksters, surveyors, bill collectors and other people you are not interested in speaking with. Regardless of the telephone service provider you use, there are many ways to block unwanted calls.

Step 1

Go to the website of "National Do Not Call Registry" (see Resources). It's a free service that lets you put your home phone number on the Do Not Call list. Telemarketers are prohibited from dialing these numbers.

Step 2

Contact your telephone service provider and ask them if they can block some specific numbers from reaching your home telephone. Some telephone service providers offer this service and will ask you to provide the specific numbers that you want blocked. Other service providers offer the feature of blocking "Unknown"/"Private" telephone numbers. This will discourage anonymous pranksters from calling you.

Step 3

Contact the police if you regularly receive threatening, abusive or prank calls. You will have to provide the police with the telephone number as well as the exact time and date at which you receive those calls. The police will take necessary action against the caller.