How to Block Adware

By Ty Arthur

Adware is a type of spyware software that causes pop-up advertisements to appear on your screen whenever you connect to the Internet. Your computer becomes infected with adware when you surf infected Web pages or download programs that secretly include adware. If you want to block adware from infiltrating your computer, you need to use an anti-adware program that includes routines to prevent software from installing itself whenever you surf the Web.

Things You'll Need

  • Anti-adware software

Step 1

Many anti-adware programs---including Spybot Search and Destroy and Pop Up Stopper---include a blocking feature. Select one of these programs and download it.

Step 2

Install the program. If you chose Spybot, for example, open the program and click the "Tools" tab at the lower-left side of the screen. Click the "Resident" icon.

Step 3

Click the check boxes at the right side of the window labeled "Resident SD Helper" and "Resident Teatimer." Click the Spybot icon at the upper-left corner to return to the main menu.

Step 4

Click "Update" and then click "Download" to check for the latest adware updates. Click "Immunize." Wait for the program to finish searching for new immunization techniques.

Step 5

Select the "Immunize Now" option to block any adware programs from loading in your Web browser. Click the "Check for Problems" icon to search for any adware already installed on your computer.

Step 6

Click "Remove Problems" to delete any adware that the program detects.

Tips & Warnings

  • The exact options you need to click to block adware from your computer vary with each anti-adware program.Your Web browser must be closed when you update the program's immunizations.Remember to search for new updates and immunizations every week to always block the latest adware making its rounds on the Internet.
  • If you are using Windows Vista you will need to be logged in as an administrator to open the anti-adware program. Right-click the program's desktop icon and choose "Run as Administrator."