How to Block an Unknown Caller With AT&T

By Susan Abe

Whether you're attempting to avoid collection agencies or ex-partners, or a parent trying to control who can contact your child via telephone, AT&T has a system in place to help you avoid unknown callers to your mobile telephone. If you are attempting to avoid telephone calls from numbers and/or names that are unfamiliar to you, the fix is fairly straightforward. However, if you're attempting to avoid telephone calls noted as "blocked," meaning that the caller hides his identification by pressing *67 before calling you, AT&T only offers a partial solution.

Step 1

Log onto your AT&T website site using your telephone number and password.

Step 2

Look to the right under "Quick Links" and click the link to add "AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless." This program was developed as a means for parents to control their children's "voice, data, and messaging usage for a wireless number" according to the website. It remains the only means to block incoming numbers. As of April 2011, AT&T charged $4.99 per telephone number per month for this limiting ability.

Step 3

Enter up to 15 telephone numbers to be blocked from your telephone. Not only are individuals blocked from calling your number, they cannot reach your voice mail or even text or photo message data to your number. Further, they are blocked from contacting you even if they block their caller ID by dialing *69 before attempting to reach you.

Step 4

Review the numbers you wish to be blocked and specify the extent of the block you are putting into place.

Step 5

Click the "Confirm" button. The telephone numbers you have chosen to block can be changed at anytime by logging back into the AT&T website and revisiting the "Smart Limits" section.

Tips & Warnings

  • The first step you might take in blocking calls is to refuse to answer any telephone call that shows a strange name or number, or the term "blocked."
  • There are a number of applications available for all major smartphones. The price varies according to the type of smartphone, but the application backtracks the "blocked" number, removes the anonymity of the *69 Caller ID disabling and provides you with the name and actual telephone number of the company or individual contacting you.