How to Block Callers on a Motorola Phone

By Ty Arthur

Whether it's a falling out with a family member or an ex-boyfriend who just won't get the hint, there are plenty of people you may not want to receive phone calls from on your Motorola cell phone. While there isn't an option to completely block specific people from calling you, your Motorola includes a feature that prevents unwanted callers. Rather than blocking calls on a number-by-number basis, your phone lets you block calls from any person that isn't saved in your contacts list.

Step 1

Tap the "Menu" key to bring up your Motorola's main menu screen. Press the arrow keys to scroll to the option labeled "Contacts." Depending on your specific Motorola model, the option may instead read "Phonebook." Tap "Select."

Step 2

Scroll down to one of the contacts you want to block from calling your phone. Click "Options" on the highlighted contact and scroll to "Delete." Tap "Select" to delete the entry.

Step 3

Return to the phone's main menu and navigate to "Settings." Tap "Select." Scroll to "Security" and tap "Select."

Step 4

Highlight the "Restrict Calls" entry and tap the "Select" key. Type your phone's unlock code to access the menu. If you haven't changed the unlock code, the default code is set to "000000."

Step 5

Highlight "Incoming Calls" and tap the "Change" option. Tap "Allow" and press "Change" again. Scroll to the "Phonebook" entry and tap "Select" to block any calls from any phone number that isn't saved in your contacts list.

Tips & Warnings

  • Certain Motorola phone models, such as the Cliq, also offer an option to send certain contacts straight to voice mail instead of receiving their call. Navigate to the specific contact you don't want to receive calls from in the contacts list and press "Menu." Tap "Edit" and scroll to "Send straight to voice mail." Tap "Save" to save the change. To add a new contact to the Motorola phone, return to the "Contacts" or "Phonebook" screen and highlight "Create." Tap the "Select" button and enter in the contact's name and phone number in the corresponding boxes.