How to Block Cell Phone Calls & Texts

By Tonya Cunningham

Cellular service contracts often come with a long-term contract and hefty monthly bill. Incoming calls or text messages that are harassing or spam-like count against your minute usage or text allowance and can be an annoying waste of time. Perhaps you have given your number to someone who seems to know no boundaries and calls you during work meetings and slumber. Luckily, there are ways to block cell phone calls as well as text messages.

Step 1

Contact your service provider. The customer service agents at most cell phone companies are more than happy to block a caller upon request. Be sure that the agent understands that you would like both calls and text messages from this number blocked.

Step 2

Visit your provider's website. By going to your account on the cellular company's website, there may be an option to enter numbers that you wish to block. This method is an advantage because if you encounter future numbers you wish to block.

Step 3

Ask your service provider to block calls from the Internet. It may be interesting to know that most spam calls are made directly from bulk dialers online. Cellular companies can block Internet-based calls, although most customers are not aware that dialing and texting from the Internet is even a possibility and therefore do not know to request this block.

Step 4

Add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry (see Resources section). Once you register your phone number, companies are not allowed to sell your number to telemarketers, and telemarketers are subject to fines and penalties if they violate the terms of this list. Your number's registration is permanent. In addition, you can use the registry's website to report telemarketing calls if you believe violations have occurred.