How to Block Cell Phone Spying Tools

By Brian Cleary

According to the latest research, there are over 292.8 million cellular subscribers in the United States alone. The majority of cellular users carry their cell phones everywhere they go. This presents a unique opportunity for users to be tracked, traced and tapped at an alarming rate. Since cell phones are basically small computers, this makes them particularly susceptible to spying. This is especially true for smart phones such as the BlackBerry and Apple's iPhone. The majority of phones on the market today have the ability to install applications right onto the phone and most have some sort of microphone or camera installed, opening a user up to potential spy activity. With a few precautions, a paranoid cellular user can mitigate or even stop cell phone spying.

Step 1

Pay close attention to how your phone is operating. If you notice your phone is very hot between calls, causes interference with other electronic devices or is behaving suspiciously, do not ignore it. Have it inspected by an authorized repair center through your wireless carrier.

Step 2

Periodically wipe your phone's firmware and memory. This resets the phone back to factory settings and also wipes out any unauthorized changes to a phone's software.

Step 3

Inspect your wireless bill closely. If you observe strange usage of minutes, unrecognizable phone numbers or other strange billing activity, have your phone inspected by your wireless carrier immediately. Often, even cellular spying tools must use a wireless carrier's network to transmit data to whomever is doing the spying.

Step 4

Never let the phone out of your control. Even though this may seem like a difficult task, most people have their cell phone with or near them 24 hours per day. All it takes is for a potential spy to have possession of your phone for a few minutes in order to install the necessary software to begin spying on your phone's activity.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the technology being used to spy on your cellular phone is advanced enough or being done through your wireless carrier, your ability to block or prevent it will be minimal.