How to Block Incoming Calls on AT&T Residential Phones

By Christell York

Call block from AT&T allows subscribers to block up to ten phone numbers from connecting to your residential phone. Call block is a fee-based service that can be activated or deactivated at any time. The service offers the ability to block the last caller without knowing the phone number. Once a number is blocked, the caller will hear a pre-recorded message stating that you are not accepting calls at this time.

Step 1

Dial "*60" from your residential telephone.

Step 2

Enter the telephone numbers you would like to block. If you would like to block the last call, press the prompt listed in the menu options. You can block up to 10 phone numbers at one time.

Step 3

Disconnect the call once your list is complete. You can add or remove callers by dialing "*60" from your phone at any time. You can end the service at any time by dialing "*80" from your residential phone.

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