How to Block Incoming Calls on the Tracfone W376

By Maya Austen

Your ability to block incoming phone calls on a Tracfone W376 cellphone is very limited. While some cellphones come with built-in features that allow you to flag certain phone numbers for blocking, this is not the case with the W376. Tracfone also does not allow its customers to block unwanted calls like other carriers. Incoming calls on a Tracfone W376 can only be blocked one way: turning off the call waiting feature.

Step 1

Turn the phone on and press the Menu key.

Step 2

Press the arrow keys to highlight the "Settings" icon. Press the soft key directly underneath the option to select it.

Step 3

Highlight and select "In Call Setup" followed by "Call Waiting."

Step 4

Select "Off" to turn the call waiting feature off. As long as you are on an active call, new incoming calls will be blocked.

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