How to Block Incoming Land Line Calls

By Nicole Zoltack

Unwanted calls can be annoying. Telemarketers and certain companies, such as survey firms and debt collectors, may use unlisted phone numbers to trick you into answering their phone calls. You can block incoming land line calls so you no longer have to deal with these unwanted phone calls.

Step 1

Use caller ID. Caller ID allows you to ignore unwanted telephone calls. This service can be purchased through the phone company.

Step 2

Call your local phone company about custom call screening services or a call restriction feature. Once the private call blocker service is activated, unwanted and unlisted callers will be redirected to an automated system.

Step 3

Add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry (see Resources). This will prevent telemarketer calls. Should a telemarketer continue to call your phone after you have signed up, report the phone number on the Do Not Call website. To sign up, fill out the necessary information on the form, and click "Submit," then "Register." Click on the link in the confirmation email to complete your registration.

Step 4

Purchase an inbound call blocker (see Resources). The blocker will enable you to screen your calls. Only callers who input a certain code will be allowed to call you. This code tells the blocker that they are approved callers. Give the code out to people you want to call you.