How to Block Metro PCS

By Robert Ceville

Metro PCS users can block certain numbers from sending text messages to their phones. Although the option for blocking incoming calls from specific numbers is not provided, you can stop email addresses from contacting you in addition to text. The right combination of buttons will bring you to the option to block or unblock each number individually. Stop contact by undesired, or even harassing, individuals by making the proper settings within your Metro PCS phone's menu settings.

Step 1

Push the "Menu" button on your phone's front control panel, then press buttons "3" and "8" on the numeric keypad.

Step 2

Press the "0" button on the keypad, then choose "Block" from the options that appear. Make sure to enter a zero, and not an "o" when accessing this screen.

Step 3

Type in either the email address, or telephone number, that you wish to block from contacting you. Click the "OK" button to save the settings.

Tips & Warnings

  • Select "Menu," "3" and "8," "0," then "View List of Blocked Addresses" to view each of the blocked numbers and email addresses you have set.
  • Select "Menu," "3" and "8," "0," then "Unblock" to remove the restriction from each contact in the list.

References & Resources