How to Block Private Calls With Verizon

By Michaele Curtis

Private calls often go unanswered. The reasoning is that it must be a telemarketer or bill collector if the caller is blocking his caller ID. Some consumers don’t answer private calls in any situation, so they would prefer to send all those calls directly to voicemail. With a Verizon phone plan, you can use a feature called Anonymous Call Rejection to prevent private calls from ringing your phone line.

Step 1

Contact Verizon Customer Service to ensure you have Anonymous Call Rejection on your calling plan.

Step 2

Pick up your Verizon phone. Dial *77 to activate Anonymous Call Rejection and prevent private calls from ringing your phone.

Step 3

Hang up your Verizon phone when you hear the confirmation that the Anonymous Call Rejection has been activated.

Tips & Warnings

  • Anonymous Call Rejection will stay on your Verizon phone until you deactivate it. Dial *87 from your Verizon phone to begin receiving private calls again.