How to Block Selected Incoming Calls on a Cell Phone

By C. Taylor

Receiving a constant bombardment of calls from unwanted numbers can be a serious nuisance, and while no feature can stop the calls altogether, most phones offer an individual block feature. Once blocked, any calls from that number will be automatically rejected without the phone ringing. You may still receive a notice of a missed call, but it won't be disturbing you anymore.

Step 1

Access your incoming call logs, according to your phone's procedure. Usually, this entails pressing the "Menu" button and selecting "Call Logs," "Call History" or "Call Records." Then select "Incoming Calls."

Step 2

Select the number you want blocked by navigating to it using the arrow keys or the touch pad, if your phone has one.

Step 3

Choose "Options" and select "Add to Block List" or "Add to Reject List." You may be asked for a confirmation. Select "OK" to block the number.