How to Block Sites on Google Chrome

By Erika Dean

Google Chrome is an Internet browser developed by Google that was released in 2008. If you want to block websites on Google Chrome, you must install an extension. Chrome Nanny is a top-rated extension, and you can install it to block one or more websites at all times or just for days and times of your choosing.

Step 1

Open Google Chrome and click the "Tools" button (the button looks like a wrench).

Step 2

Select "Extensions" when the menu opens. A window opens with a list of the extensions installed to Chrome.

Step 3

Click "Get more extensions" to search for Chrome Nanny. When the Google Chrome extensions page opens, type "Chrome Nanny" into the extension search bar located at the top of the page and press "Enter."

Step 4

Click "Chrome Nanny" in the search results and then click "Install" on the Chrome Nanny extension page.

Step 5

Click "Install" when a box pops up asking if you want to install the extension. Chrome Nanny installs to Google Chrome, and a button for Chrome Nanny is placed next to the address bar.

Step 6

Right-click over the Chrome Nanny button and click "Options." A new tab opens to a page that gives you the option to add websites you want to block using Chrome Nanny.

Step 7

Enter a name for the URL or group of URLs you want to block in the field next to "Block Set Name." For example, if you want to block game websites, you may want to enter "Blocked Games" in the field.

Step 8

Enter the URLs you want to block in the URLs form. Press "Enter" after you enter a URL to add another URL on the next line.

Step 9

Enter the time you want the URLs blocked using military time. For example, you may want to block certain websites only in the morning. If you want to block a website at all times, enter "0000-2359."

Step 10

Select the days you want to block the URLs. Check the box next to every day if you want to block the URL continuously.

Step 11

Click "Save URL." The URLs you entered are now blocked on the Google Chrome Web browser.