How to Boost a Laptop's Wireless Receiver

By Owen E. Richason IV

Laptop computers include a wireless receiver to pick up WiFi for users to access the Internet. Signals sent out by an Internet router are found by the laptop's wireless receiver. However, not all wireless receivers are the same. Some may not be able to pick-up a weaker signal. The user must boost the signal of the wireless receiver to capture the router's emission. Enhancing a laptop's wireless receiver can be done a few different ways.

Step 1

Purchase an external antenna. These antennas attach to the outside of a laptop and boost its signal. For best results, purchase a high gain directional antenna which focuses the receiver's signal in a particular direction. Follow the installation and mounting instructions in the packaging.

Step 2

Buy a wireless adapter. These systems boost a signal with a piece of small hardware, connected to the laptop via the USB port. Get a wireless adapter and install the CD software. Put the adapter in a USB port and restart the laptop for the software to take effect. The wireless signal will be increased.

Step 3

Change your network card settings. Go into your laptop's control panel. Find the power settings and increase the network card setting. Most notebook manufacturer's set the network card settings to a lower level to increase battery life.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid using your laptop in areas with other signals such as cellular phones, radios and microwave ovens.