How to Boost a Metro PCS CDMA Signal

By Palmer Owyoung

Although cell phones have made our lives easier in many ways one of the most annoying aspects of using one is having dropped calls and difficulties hearing. While the technology has improved considerably, there will always be interference coming from the weather, buildings or solar radiation. However there are some simple ways that you can improve the signal on your Boost Metro PCS CDMA phone.

Things You'll Need

  • External antenna

Step 1

Buy an external cell phone antenna kit. These are readily available online and can also be found at your local cell phone shops. These are simply attachments that will extend the reach for being able to pick up on radio waves. It works exactly the same way as a television antenna does, thus extending your cell phone's reach.

Step 2

Plug the external antenna into your phone. How you do this will vary from phone to phone. Some phones have an RF (radio frequency) jack to plug into. Others will require a sleeve, while other phones can plug in from the bottom.

Step 3

Set the antenna up near a window, or outside where radio waves are easily accessible and where it isn't blocked by buildings, trees or other structures. If you are driving it can be attached to the roof of your car.