How to Boost a TV Antenna

By Heather Topham Wood

If you still rely on an antenna to view television channels, you may be frustrated when you cannot get a clear signal and static appears on your screen. The area in which you live may not receive strong signals, or you may not be using the proper equipment to optimize signal strength. There are products and positioning methods that can help boost the effectiveness of a TV antenna and reduce the incidence of poor reception.

Step 1

Probe the area to boost the signal of a TV antenna. During antenna installation, have a person watch the TV set to let you know when you have positioned the antenna in the area of the roof that receives the strongest signal.

Step 2

Keep other antennae a significant distance away from one another. If you use a TV antenna and an UHF antenna, ensure that there is at least a 4-foot clearance area between the two devices to avoid interference.

Step 3

Purchase a pre-amplifier. A pre-amplifier, also caused a booster, is a device installed along with the antenna to increase signal strength. The booster is mounted below the boom of the antenna and connected with a coaxial cable. Pre-amplifiers are available through electronics retailers such as Radio Shack.

Step 4

Purchase a distribution amplifier. This is another product used to boost a TV antenna reception. This device is mounted inside the home and has between one and four output splitters. Distribution amplifiers can control multiple TV signals and prevent interference. They are available through electronics retailers such as Radio Shack.

Tips & Warnings

  • The antenna should be pointed toward a clear view of the sky and away from any trees and power lines.

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