How to Boost a Wireless Signal to a DVD Player to Stream Netflix

By Amanda Gronot

If you stream movies from Netflix through your DVD player, you need a wireless signal strong enough to play the movies without pausing to buffer. The easiest way to boost your DVD player's Internet reception is to improve the strength of the signal from your router. You can do this in a number of ways, from adjusting the router's location to purchasing signal-enhancing accessories.

Step 1

Move your router closer to your DVD player. This is the simplest way to obtain a stronger signal. The router broadcasts its signal at a specific wavelength, and the less distance the signal must travel, the stronger it is when it arrives.

Step 2

Elevate your router on a table or a high piece of furniture. Move any large objects that may obstruct its signal, especially metal objects. The signal tends to travel downward and straight outward, so it will dramatically weaken if it must travel through walls, around odd angles or close to the floor.

Step 3

Move away any objects emitting a signal with a similar frequency to that of the router, such as baby monitors, cordless phones and microwaves.

Step 4

Change the channel of your router's signal. Most routers are set to a default channel, so if your neighbors also have Wi-Fi, their signal could interfere with yours.

Step 5

Tilt the antenna in the direction of the DVD player. If you have an omni-directional antenna, purchase an antenna that can direct the signal in a particular direction. You can also purchase or create a parabolic reflector to place behind the antenna that will bounce the waves toward the DVD player.

Step 6

Purchase a second router if you cannot move your existing router. The new router can duplicate your signal in a location that is much closer to your DVD player.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try to use products made by the same company whenever possible to ensure your electronic components are fully compatible.
  • Update your router's firmware regularly.