How to Boost Laptop Notebook WiFi

By Marshal M. Rosenthal

An internal Wi-Fi card must use a laptop's built-in antenna to receive a Wi-Fi signal. There are a couple of procedures that will boost the reception of the Wi-Fi coming to laptop from the wireless home network's transmitter. The laptop does not need to be disassembled, nor do you need to purchase additional software to boost the laptop's Wi-Fi signal.

Things You'll Need

  • Laptop instruction manual
  • Latop power supply

Step 1

Locate the position of the laptop's built-in Wi-Fi antenna by reading the instruction manual that comes with the portable computer. Rotate the laptop so that the Wi-Fi antenna is pointing in the general direction of the wireless home network's Wi-Fi transmitter.

Step 2

Plug the laptop's power adapter into a wall socket for power. Plug the other end of the laptop's power adapter into the power port on the laptop. Use electrical power, not battery power, to power the Wi-Fi card that is in the laptop more efficiently.

Step 3

Go to "Start," "My Computer" and "Control Panel" if on a PC and select "Network" from the list of choices in the window that appears. Click on the "Optimization" or "Signal strength" check box to increase the signal strength for the laptop. Close the window by clicking the red "X" in the upper, right corner. If on a Mac, double-click on the Airport Utilities program in the Utilities folder inside of the Applications folder to launch it. Click the "Optimization or "Signal boost" icon on the window. Close the window by clicking on the red button in the upper, left corner.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep cell phones away from the laptop, as they can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.