How to Boost Speaker Sound

By Greyson Ferguson

Your computer can function as a television or a music device, allowing you to listen to music or watch movies or videos. Since all the audio comes out of the computer's speakers, you may want to boost the sound. To do so, you have a few options, ranging from a no-cost adjustment to spending a few hundred dollars on new surround-sound computer speakers.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer speakers

Step 1

Trade in your old computer speakers for some new speakers. You can purchase a set of four satellite surround-sound speakers and one subwoofer, which will give you full cinema-quality audio. This may be the best way to improve the audio output in terms of quality and not just sheer volume.

Step 2

If you don't want to buy new speakers, adjust the volume on your current speakers. Click on the "Start" menu on your desktop and select "Control Panel." Double-click on "Sounds and Audio Devices."

Step 3

Choose the "Volume" tab. You'll see an audio boost option. Slide the volume level to increase the amount of audio your computer sends out of the speakers.

Step 4

Turn the volume up to a comfortable level, but you want to make sure the speakers can handle it. If the audio begins to crackle, turn it down so you don't damage the speakers.

Step 5

Click "Advanced" in the same window, then choose the appropriate speakers connection you are using. Often the computer is set to the default settings, such as two satellite speakers for a desktop and built-in speakers for a laptop. If you are using a different setup, such as surround sound, you are losing audio because of the wrong audio selection.

Step 6

Select "Apply" to approve the audio selections on the computer.