How to Boost the Volume for the iPhone

By Jamie Lisse

If you have an iPhone and are frustrated with the top volume level on it, there is still a way that you can boost the volume on the iPhone to make it a little louder. As of February 2010, there is an app, Volume Boost, that claims to boost the iPhone volume. However, a majority of user reviews on AppleiPhoneSchool claim that it does not. But a small modification you can make to your iPhone does boost the volume a bit.

Things You'll Need

  • Needle or pin

Step 1

Take the case off your iPhone if you have one on it. Flip your iPhone up so that you are viewing the bottom of the iPhone.

Step 2

Locate the speaker holes on the bottom of the iPhone. The speaker holes are located below the "Home" button on the bottom left of the iPhone.

Step 3

Use the needle, or pin, to gently poke into the speaker holes. Poke just until you feel the needle penetrate the film over the speaker.

Step 4

Test your iPhone volume by playing a ringtone to see the difference from before you poked the holes.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is normal for dust or other residue to come out of the speaker holes when you poke them with the needle.