How to Boot a Laptop From USB

By Marguerite Lance

Whether it's because of an issue with a Windows operating system registry or a virus, it's not unusual for computer users to discover a laptop won't boot. If you find this issue to be a problem of yours, there's a simple fix. Simply by inserting a bootable USB that has your Windows operating system installed on it into a USB port on your laptop and clicking a few buttons, you can be sure you'll be able to fix your problem in no time.

Things You'll Need

  • Laptop with at least one USB port
  • USB thumb drive/key/flash drive with Windows operating system installed

Step 1

Restart the laptop.

Step 2

Press the F1 key or F2 key to enter the laptop's BIOS setup.

Step 3

Navigate to the boot or boot sequence option within BIOS.

Step 4

Reconfigure your laptop's boot order so that your USB drive boots first, followed by the laptop's hard drive then CD-ROM drive.

Step 5

Insert the USB drive into one of the laptop's USB ports.

Step 6

Press the F10 key to restart the laptop. Your laptop will automatically now boot from the USB drive.