How to Break a Sprint Cell Phone Contract Early

By Michaele Curtis

At the start of a new cell phone contract, many mobile providers offer a steep discount on a handset to entice you to sign a two year contract. However, if you decide that you don’t want to finish out your contract, you are charged an early-termination fee. If you have a Sprint contract, you may have to pay as much as $150 to terminate the service. One way to avoid thefee is to complete an assumption of liability transfer with someone who wants your Sprint contract.

Step 1

Review your Sprint contract for its details. You need to know how many voice minutes and how many text messages you get each month as well as your data-usage plan. Note your phone plan pricing, including taxes and fees. Finally, you need to know what date your Sprint contract expires. If you can’t find your original Sprint contract, call Sprint customer service for the details.

Step 2

Find someone who is willing to take over your Sprint contract. For many people, this is a close friend or family member who is looking for a cell phone contract. You can also use Craigslist to connect you with someone who wants to take over your Sprint contract. There are also several Internet sites that match people looking to transfer their cell phone contract with people looking to get into a cell phone contract. Make sure that person who is taking over your Sprint contract understands the details of your cell phone plan.

Step 3

Go into a Sprint store with the person who wants to take over your Sprint contract. (You can also do a three-way call with Sprint customer service if you two are not in the same area.) Ask the customer service representative for assumption of liability transfer. Although the process can vary depending on state law, Sprint will run the same credit check on the person that is taking over the contract that it ran on you when you first started with Sprint. This will help Sprint determine whether there is any deposit to be collected for the service.

Step 4

Sign an assumption of liability transfer document stating that all responsibility for this account is now on the other person. Pay any outstanding charges on your Sprint contract so that the person taking it over doesn’t have to pay for your back charges. The transfer is completed immediately.

Tips & Warnings

  • You don’t have to throw in your phone with the transfer, but it can help when you are looking for someone to transfer to. A free phone can be incentive to take over a cell phone plan instead of starting a new one.
  • Sprint doesn’t always let customers who transfer their contracts to take their phone numbers with them. If you transfer your Sprint contract, you may have to get a new phone number when you sign up with another cell phone carrier.