How to Broadcast Text Messages on an iPhone

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

IPhone software version 1.1.3 allows you to send text, or SMS, messages to multiple recipients at the same time, otherwise known as broadcasting. Not available in previous versions of the iPhone, version 1.1.3 makes broadcasting an easy way to keep a group of recipients informed and updated on important information without having to send the message to each name on the list individually.

Step 1

Bring up the iPhone home screen.

Step 2

Touch the "SMS" (or text message) icon on the iPhone's screen. This opens and enables the iPhone SMS, or texting, function.

Step 3

Go to the right side of the iPhone screen and touch the "Writing" icon at the top of the screen.

Step 4

Tap the plus sign at the right side of the iPhone screen.

Step 5

Enter a recipient for the broadcast text message in the message's "To" field.

Step 6

Tap the iPhone plus sign a second time.

Step 7

Enter a second recipient for the broadcast text message into the "To" field.

Step 8

Repeat Steps 4 through 7 until all intended recipients of the broadcast text message are added in the "To" field.

Step 9

Compose the broadcast text message.

Step 10

Touch "Send" to broadcast the text message to all the listed recipients.