How to Build a Gambling Website

By Jason Chavis

Building a gambling website can be a profitable business venture. Millions of people visit online gambling sites, which involve poker, blackjack, slots and sports betting. Someone who decides to invest and build a gambling website should be knowledgeable about the form of gambling. A person with experience in other online companies, or with the form of gambling, adds credibility and a sense of direction to the website. Start-up capital for the design and implementation are needed, as well as money to pay winners. Planning, design, research and implementation are all necessary for the proper execution of building a gambling website.

Things You'll Need

  • Start-up capital
  • Computer
  • Internet connection

Step 1

Research domain names and decide on one that works best. The most important tool in the success of a gambling website is a memorable domain name. The name should be clever and original so that users will remember the site and advertising is conducted in the easiest way possible. Domain brokers will be able to determine if the name is taken or available.

Step 2

Choosing a web-hosting company is an important factor. Prices vary from the different companies that operate in this field, so it's important to research and determine what services the company can supply. The amount of visitor traffic expected is a prime consideration, as this determines the package that's purchased. If the site plans on working with real money, the hosting company will need to be based somewhere other than the United States.

Step 3

Design the website's look and feel. Attaining a designer, with the appropriate skills, should be an easy task. Graphic and web designers can take almost any idea and develop it into a functioning site. The costs for these services vary. Some designers charge low rates, while others are high priced. The level of professionalism the site wants to maintain is the greatest factor in determining which designer to go with.

Step 4

Add a section on the website for a forum and advice columns. Most gambling website users visit the site not only for the chance to play the game, but to hone their skills in an online atmosphere. Content-rich articles help drive traffic, as well as give the users somewhere to go when they are not playing.

Step 5

Acquire advertising revenue. Either by selling advertising space or utilizing an advertising engine such as GoogleAds, adding advertising will fill in empty spaces on the website and be a source of revenue. Every time the ad is clicked, a certain percentage of money will be paid to the website.

Step 6

Promote the website through other forums and word of mouth. The content on the gambling website should bring a certain level of traffic. While the volume may be light at first, eventually the website's traffic should pick up and the venture will be a success.

Tips & Warnings

  • Ease of use is an important aspect to the design. Make sure the website provides the proper functionality needed for users.