How to Build a Website for an Erotic Webcam Service

By Emilia Lamberto

Erotic web cam services are popular among adults and provide great potential to earn cash. Building a website for an erotic web cam service can be extremely rewarding when done properly and professionally. Building a website specifically for an erotic web cam service is not too difficult, but does require some investment. Creating this kind of website can financially benefit both the site owner and the models.

Things You'll Need

  • Web cam(s)
  • Model(s)
  • Domain name
  • Hosting plan
  • HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Model contracts

Step 1

Purchase a hosting plan and a domain name. Usually when purchasing the two together, you can get the domain name for free. The domain name should be relevant to your website, and the hosting should allow live web cam streaming.

Step 2

Design your website using a free editor or by doing it from scratch in Notepad. You can find a free website editor at Coffee Cup Software, and you can learn how to make a web page from scratch at W3 Schools.

Step 3

Gather a group of models who appear in the erotica videos. Have the models purchase a web cam with a microphone (or provide them with one) and set them up. If it is you who will be seen in the videos, set up a web cam on your computer. To set up a web cam, purchase a web cam and install the software that came with it. Hook the web cam hardware up to your computer. The models should have a fast PC and a DSL or cable connection.

Step 4

Find a website that will set up your web cam to show up live on your page. Some services cost money, others are free. You can find a free web cam streaming set-up site at AnyWebCam for free. If you would rather stream it yourself, you will need to download a program that will allow you to stream live feeds on your website. An example is Windows Media Encoder.

Step 5

Negotiate a payment plan with any models that you have. Because you are the site owner, you are responsible for payment to the performers. An example for payment is paying them a percentage of what they make on video chats. You could also set a fixed payment (such as per hour, per week). Create a contract for the models and have them read and sign it. Contact an attorney if you need any help with creating a legally binding contract.

Step 6

Create a work schedule for your performers. You will need to have at least one web cam model on daily for ultimate success.

Step 7

Set up some sort of payment method for viewers (if you are charging). You can do this through PayPal by using their merchant services.

Step 8

Launch your website and begin advertising. If the website has overly explicit material (nudity, adult language), be sure to add a "safe" page that allows viewers to verify their age.

Tips & Warnings

  • Design a wardrobe for each model. Let them know in the contract whether or not they will have to provide their own clothing or whether you will provide it for them.

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