How to Burn a CD of Music Downloaded From Rhapsody

By Techwalla Contributor

Once you find some great music on Rhapsody, you may want to burn a CD so that you can listen to it in the car or on your CD player. Burning a CD is simple with Rhapsody, but you can only burn tracks that you have purchased or imported from another disc or source. Even if you hold a Rhapsody subscription, you will not be able to put subscription music on a CD until you have bought that track.

Step 1

Open Rhapsody and select the My Library screen if it is not already visible.

Step 2

Put a blank CD in your computer's CD drive. Rhapsody recommends using a CD-R rather than a CD-RW, since the former is compatible with more players.

Step 3

Highlight the tracks you want to burn. Drag them onto the "Burn a CD" icon in your Sources panel on the left side of your screen. Keep dragging tracks to that area until you have moved all of the music you want to burn on the disc.

Step 4

Click the "Burn a CD" icon. In the Burn queue that appears, you will see all of the tracks you have selected. The used and available minutes at the bottom of the list tell you whether you have selected too many tracks or have room for more. You can reorganize the tracks so that they appear in the order you want to hear them on the disc by dragging the track names up or down the list, and you can remove any unwanted tracks by selecting them and pressing the "Delete" key.

Step 5

Check for any errors in your selection. If a track is not available for burning, a warning icon will appear at the bottom of the list of tracks. Click the error button to discover which tracks are unavailable and remove them from the Burn queue.

Step 6

Click the "Start Burn" button in the upper right corner of the window. After the Rhapsody system examines your list, you will be transferred to the Payment Wizard if you have chosen tracks you have not yet purchased. You can either buy these tracks or cancel out of the wizard, delete the unpurchased tracks, and click "Start Burn" again to burn the disc with tracks you own. Rhapsody then automatically starts to burn the CD and displays a message when it has finalized the disc.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Track Type column in My Library indicates whether you have purchased, imported or simply subscribed to a track, and the Burn column tells you whether you can go ahead and burn the track or need to take additional steps to do so.