How to Burn a CD on a Macbook

By Contributing Writer

In this digital age, it has never been easier to amass a large and varied collection of music on your computer or portable media player. One of the fun benefits of having such devices is the ability to create playlists and burn them on blank CD-R's (recordable CD's). If you own a Macbook and are interested in burning a CD, look no further than this guide. It doesn't require technical proficiency to burn a CD on your Macbook, and nearly anyone can do it. All it takes is a blank CD-R and your iTunes music library.

Things You'll Need

  • Macbook
  • iTunes music library
  • CD-R

Step 1

Open the iTunes music program on your Macbook. If you don't have iTunes installed on your Macbook you can download it for free from Apple's website, (see Resources).

Step 2

Insert the blank CD-R and wait until it is recognized in the iTunes library. You will see "Blank CD" in the left column of the iTunes library.

Step 3

Make a new playlist by dragging selected songs from the iTunes library into one of the blank folders in the "Playlists" section in the left column.

Step 4

Highlight the playlist and drag it to the blank CD icon. Most CD-R's won't hold more than 80 minutes of music, so make sure your playlist doesn't contain too many songs.

Step 5

Click "Burn Disc" in the lower right hand corner of the iTunes screen and after a moment you'll have a new burned CD.