How to Burn a CD on an iMac

By Lee Simmons

Burning a CD on an iMac is easy to do. Using your iMac's pre-installed CD-burning interface, you can transfer your favorite music or other digital files to disc in a matter of minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • iMac
  • CD-R

Step 1

Insert a blank recordable CD (CD-R) into the CD-ROM disk drive of your iMac.

Step 2

Locate the files you want to burn to disc.

Step 3

Click and drag the files (or groups of files using "Shift" + "Select") to the CD-R icon on your iMac's desktop. Or right-click on individual files and select "Save As" to save them to the CD-R.

Step 4

Click "File" and "Burn Disc."

Step 5

Title your disc when the window prompt says, "Are you sure you want to burn the contents of "Untitled CD" to a disc?"

Step 6

Select the burn speed in the same window; "8X" is the most reliable speed.

Step 7

Select a burn folder to save the disc to from the same window if you'd like a backup copy.

Step 8

Click "Burn."

Step 9

Choose "Eject CD" once the CD-R has finished burning, or click and drag the CD-R icon to the trash on your desktop to eject it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Research burning programs before saving files to a disc. Different iMacs can utilize different programs.
  • Read all FAQs associated with your iMac's burning program before burning a CD.
  • To ensure the contents remain on disc forever, use a CD-R and not a CD-RW (rewritable).