How to Burn a CD That Cannot Be Copied

By Contributing Writer

It’s amazing CD burners exist. Like cassette recorders, you can put anything you want on a CD--including entire albums. Of course, this is illegal, but it would be naïve to think that people don’t do this. If you’re putting out your own music CD or you’re sharing very important files, you’re going to want to copy protect the CD so it can’t be copied in a CD burner (unless you want people to share the content freely). Read on to learn how

Things You'll Need

  • A CD burner
  • Copy-protect software

Step 1

Encrypt the files your putting on the CD. For instance, if you’re putting a PDF on a CD-ROM, you can encrypt the file so it cannot be copied. This isn’t the easiest solution, but you can do this without any additional copy-protect software.

Step 2

Get software copy-protect software such as Crypkey. This type of software is designed to copy-protect entire software applications. So if you need to copy protect a collection of jpgs or songs, this isn’t quite practical. However, if you’re marketing your own software, it’s a necessity.

Step 3

Get a copy of a program like CD-Cops. If you asked the question, “How to burn a copyrighted CD,” this is probably what you’re referring to, as you’re interested in burning CDs a few at a time. The process is simple: install the script on you master CD, and then each CD burned from that master will have the same copy protection.

Step 4

Hire a CD duplication service that will use copy protection software. Again, not practical if you only want to burn a few copies, but if you’re burning CDs in bulk, copy protection should be part of the equation.

Step 5

Buy special CD-Rs with copy protection in place. These aren’t the CD-Rs you’ll get from your local Wal-Mart. Each CD burned on these types of discs will be automatically copy-protected. Probably the easiest way to go.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hackers love to try and bypass encryption and protection, so be sure to go with a copy-protect service that updates continuously and has a proven track record for keeping one step ahead of new hacks.

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