How to Burn a DVD on a Toshiba

By Darrin Meyer

Toshiba laptop computers are among the highest-rated in the industry, earning high marks from leading periodicals including, CNET and PC World. Most models come standard with a CD/DVD-ROM drive and internal CD/DVD burner, making the process of burning a DVD a simple one when using a software program that performs that task.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank DVDs

Burning a DVD

Step 1

Open a video editing/burning software program. Some older Toshiba models may come with Intervideo's WinDVD Creator, and newer ones may have Ulead DVD MovieFactory. Another program that's simple to use and should come standard with the Windows operating system is Windows Movie Maker. Other programs may use slightly different terms, but the concepts will be the same.

Step 2

Import the video files you wish to burn to a DVD. These can either come from a video camera or from a location already on your hard drive. At the top left of the main menu, under the "Import" heading, choose the source of the files.

Step 3

Connect the video camera to the computer with a DV cable if the files have not been imported yet; follow the cues to import the video. This feature may open automatically if the camera has been connected before.

Step 4

Edit the video into separate clips if you choose. Move the video into the preview window and click "Split" at any point you wish to split the video.

Step 5

Drag the clips you want burned to DVD to the timeline at the bottom of the main window. When you're finished, click "DVD" in the "Publish to" menu on the left. Movie Maker will save the project, allowing you to name the file and open the DVD Maker.

Step 6

Click "Next" in the DVD Maker window. This will allow you to create a title page.

Step 7

Open the CD/DVD tray and load a blank DVD.

Step 8

Click "Burn" and the project will burn to the DVD. You'll be able to monitor its progress in the DVD Maker window; the DVD will eject upon completion.