How to Burn CD+G Discs

By Tammy Clevenger

CD+G is an abbreviation for CD plus graphics, and it is the format of a karaoke CD. The karaoke CD contains regular CD audio data plus graphics functionality, which is the mechanism by which the lyrics are displayed on a computer or TV screen during the song. Special applications are available to record a song and attach the lyric graphics, complete with the bobbing ball, to the song and save it as a CD+G project. Several songs may be processed within a project and burned to a CD using the application. Some of the available karaoke creation applications include Power Karaoke, Karaoke Builder and Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro. For this demonstration, the latter is used.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank CD
  • Karaoke CD+G Software
  • Karaoke machine or application

Step 1

Download and install the karaoke CD+G software, if needed. Open the application. Click "New Project" from the top navigation bar.

Step 2

If the application is enabled to create the lyrics graphics, the option will be available to step through this function at the "Start" menu page. To attach lyrics graphics to a song, the application will play the song while the user selects points where the ball drops on the words of the song. The words are then highlighted to prompt the singer when the CD+G is played in through a karaoke device with a monitor or screen. Basically the application will enable the user to quickly import a lyrics sheet in text format, convert it to a lyrics graphic and apply the lyrics graphic to an imported audio file, such as an MP3.

Step 3

After the files are in CD+G project format and formatted with lyrics, insert a blank CD into the CD burner on the computer.

Step 4

From the application, select the "Burn CD+G" option from the start menu.

Step 5

Click "Add Files" and select the CD+G files to create the new CD.

Step 6

Click "Burn." A progress indicator will show when the CD has finished burning.

Step 7

Test the CD+G disc in a karaoke machine or another karaoke application on a computer.