How to Burn MOV to DVD

By Jason Taetsch

MOV files, or QuickTime Movies, are digital videos stored in the codec developed by Apple Computers. The codec initially was developed by use in Apple's QuickTime player. Other media programs and digital devices, including Windows Media Player and many digital cameras, also use the format to store video files. While most third-party burning software is compatible with the format, the native disc burner in the Windows operating system is capable of handling the MOV format and writing it to a DVD disc. The MOV burn process to a DVD can be completed by novice computer users in just a few steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Writeable DVD

Step 1

Insert a writeable DVD into the computer's disc drive. The "Auto Play" window will open once the disc is recognized by the computer. Click on the "Burn files to data disc" option in the window. Make sure the computer has hard drive disk space equal to or greater than the size of the DVD disc.

Step 2

Type in a name for the disc in the dialogue window that appears. Click on the "Show Formatting Options" button to select the disc's format.

Step 3

Click on the "Mastered" option. The mastered format is compatible with other versions of Windows as well as other media devices such as DVD players. Click on the "Next" button to format the disc and open an empty disc folder associated with the writeable DVD.

Step 4

Drag the MOV files from their location on the hard drive into the empty disc folder that was opened. Click on the "Burn To Disc" button on the folder's toolbar once the MOV files are copied to the folder. The disc drive will then begin the burn process. When the burn is finished the disc will be ejected from the disk drive.