How to Burn Mpeg 4 to CD

By Suvro Banerji

MPEG-4 is a popular digital video format designed to transmit video and images over a shorter bandwidth. MPEG-4 can combine video elements with graphics and two- or three-dimensional animation layers. You can play MPEG-4 files in many digital video programs, including Windows Media Player, Quicktime and Real Player. You can actually burn a MPEG-4 file onto a CD without the help of external software. Most operating software programs have the capability to burn MPEG-4s, but this process will burn a data disc and not necessarily a video CD or a DVD.

Step 1

Insert the blank disc.

Step 2

Wait for the dialog box which states: "What do you want Windows to do?"

Step 3

Select "Open writable CD folder using Windows Explorer." You should see a blank CD folder.

Step 4

Drag the MPEG-4 files that you wish to burn from their original location and drop them on the blank CD folder.

Step 5

Navigate to "My Computer." Double-click on the CD/DVD drive. Double-check to see if all the MPEG-4 files are displayed under "Files Ready to Be Written to the CD."

Step 6

Click on "Write to CD" under "CD Writing tasks." Windows Explorer should start the burning process immediately. Wait until the wizard finishes the task. In most computers, Windows Explorer ejects the disc when it completes the burning process.