How to Burn VOB Files to a DVD With Freeware

By Jason Taetsch

VOB files store the video and audio tracks for a DVD movie. The file stands for Video Object File and is stored in the "Video_TS" folder of a DVD-Video disc. You can use the free utilities included in the Windows Vista and 7 operating systems to burn VOB files to a DVD. VOBs burned to a DVD are compatible with standard DVD players and can be viewed on your TV.

Step 1

Click "Start" and choose "All Programs". Click on the "Windows Media Center" icon in the list to launch the Windows Media Center interface.

Step 2

Insert the blank DVD into your disc drive and click the "Burn A DVD" option that appears in the interface.

Step 3

Click "Video DVD" in the format selection window and click "Next". Type in a name for the DVD and click "Next".

Step 4

Choose "Video Library" in the "Select Media" window to open a file-selection dialogue box. Click on the file name of the VOB you want to add to the DVD and click "Next". Click "Add More" and repeat this step if you want to add additional files to the DVD.

Step 5

Click the "Burn DVD" button and select "Yes" in the notification to initiate the burn. The program will alert you when the burn process is finalized.