How to Buy a Web Domain

By Techwalla Contributor

There are many reasons to buy a web domain. You may want one to establish a website or blog, to stop others from taking a site name that's similar to one you already own, or to hold on to the web domain and later sell it for more. Whatever your reason, learn exactly what you need to know to buy a web domain.

Step 1

Decide if you want to pay big money for a pre-made name or if you want to save money and think of a name yourself. If you decide to think of a name yourself, keep in mind a few guidelines: The name should be short, easy for your visitors to remember, include no punctuation, and only use words that can be found in the dictionary that best represent the content of your site.

Step 2

Buy a web domain. Prices for a pre-made web domain commonly range from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, where a domain name that more closely follows the guidelines in the previous step will be more expensive than a name that doesn't. The process of buying a domain name is simple: a) Use a search engine to find a site that sells domain names.b) Find the name you want--either by searching or by browsing manually. c) Pay the asking price or email the seller with your best offer.

Step 3

Register your domain name. If you have a domain name in mind, find a site that registers domain names, and use the site's search function to see if the name is available. If it is, pay the required registration fee. (The name needs to be renewed after a certain period of time or someone can take it from you after it expires. A one year registration is common, with larger discounts usually given the longer you register the name for.)

Step 4

Consider web hosting. If you're going to build a site right after you buy a web domain, it's usually faster and cheaper to buy a web domain and hosting together, as the hosting company usually offers to register your domain name for free. If you decide to change hosts in the future, you usually (check the details of the agreement) retain full rights to the name just as if you had registered it separately.

Step 5

Search around for the best domain name registrars if registering a name only, domain name sellers if you want to buy a web domain, and web hosts if you want to buy a web domain and hosting together. Research each company carefully to make sure you're not only getting a legitimate deal, but the cheapest and best deal as well.

Tips & Warnings

  • The longer you register your domain name for, the more money you will likely save.