How to Buy at Thrift Stores to Sell on eBay

A fun way to earn money is by buying items at thrift stores and selling on online auction sites such as eBay. If you look hard enough, you can find many name-brand and like-new items.

Shop at thrift stores to sell on ebay

Research First

Decide on items you want to sell and research completed listings on eBay to see how much they are selling for. Keep these numbers in mind when buying used items because you don't want to sell anything for less than you paid for it.

Where to Shop

Go to and search their nationwide directory for thrift shops (such as the Goodwill and Salvation Army) and plan to go to at least a few. Ask store employees when they put out new inventory so you know what days you will find the best selection. Many who sell on eBay also travel on weekends to nearby cities to widen their selection.

What to Buy

Avoid mass-market brand names and items that are in poor condition. Prestige brand name clothing, collector's items and popular books are all good purchases for resale. Keep in mind that iconic American brands, such as Levi's, have appeal to overseas consumers.