How to buy QVC clothing cheaper than on QVC

By Techwalla Contributor

Do you like the clothing on QVC? Are you a fan of Stan Herman, Susan Graver, Citiknits, Sport Savvy, Bradley Bayou, Dennis Basso, Denim & Co, Dialogue, Bob Mackie, Quacker Factory, Centigrade and the others? If so, you probably buy most of your clothing while watching QVC shopping channel on television or you log onto their website and shop. Right?But do you realize that there are online sellers that have that same exact clothing you are buying, for less than QVC's "On Air" price? Yes, it is a dream come true. What a great way to inexpensively stock your wardrobe! But, how? Why? How do you find this stash of money saving clothing inventory? Let me explain...

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

Step 1

There are many sellers on eBay that sell the items you see on the QVC shopping network. These items include the clothing lines featuring such brand names as Quacker Factory, Dennis Basso, Dialogue, Denim & Co., Susan Graver, Sport Savvy, George Simonton, Bradley Bayou, Centigrade and more. Plus, you can also find other QVC items including jewelry, house wares, shoes, handbags, home improvement items and holiday items. Just log onto and start to search.

Step 2

If you have a particular item you are after, type that into the search field on eBay's main screen. Once the results are delivered, you can filter down on the left hand side navigation bar and pick from those items being sold by the "Best of the Best" eBay Top-Rated Sellers, or by those that are offering new items, etc.

Step 3

Realize that if you are buying from someone with a low feedback score they are most likely selling something they purchased firsthand on QVC or something they bought at an estate sale or garage sale. However, if you find a seller with a high feedback rating that is listing many items found on QVC you can most likely assume that they are authorized resellers of QVC items. These sellers have exclusive access to inventory from QVC and you can be assured that the items are 100% authentic.

Step 4

Once you find a seller who is offering your item, you may want to log onto QVC and just check and compare pricing. Be sure to calculate in and compare the QVC shipping rate and the eBay seller rate. Sometimes a cheaper price isn't always the case when you take into account the shipping.

Step 5

Are you ready to buy? Simply click and follow through with your eBay transaction. The seller will send you an invoice and you can click the link in the invoice to pay.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check your seller's feedback, you want to feel comfortable with your seller
  • Use Paypal to pay for your purchase, so you are covered by their Buyer Protection Policy
  • Read the fine print: does the seller accept returns? is the item new or used? any imperfections?