How to Buy Stuff on Amazon

By Techwalla Internet Editor sells CDs, DVDs, computers, phones, furniture, fitness equipment, music, books and many other products. You can also find reviews of products and cheaper rates on new and used items. Check out all the categories and see why Amazon remains a popular retailer website.

Step 1

Visit and study their "For Sale" categories. Amazon has almost every consumer good imaginable for sale, from handbags to gourmet items. Enjoy looking through each category at your leisure.

Step 2

Choose the items want. Follow the instructions of the buyer and the listing. Some Amazon sellers might require you to inquire through email or through Amazon directly. Some might offer a phone number.

Step 3

Make sure it is not a scam. Remember that there are scam artists everywhere on the Internet these days. It is good to be aware and careful. Do not send money to anyone until you know they are legitimate and you have established personal contact with them.

Step 4

Trade phone numbers, emails, and if it is something to be picked up, plan a day for pick up. Set a shipping date if you're having an item shipped. Try negotiating with the owner about the price if you feel it is too high.

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