How to Bypass a Zip File With a Password

By Mitchell White

A ZIP file is a type of archive that stores other files inside of it, such as movies, programs, music or other file types. This is done to make the files smaller and easy to transport. These archives can have passwords placed on them so that they cannot be opened unless the user knows the right password. If you happen to forget the password, or it was lost for that archive, you'll need a program that can bypass it in order to open the Zip archive.

Things You'll Need

  • Archive password breaker

Step 1

Visit a website that has a program that can break archive passwords. An example of one such program would be ArchivePR (see Resources).

Step 2

Download the program and install it by double-clicking on the installation file once it downloads.

Step 3

Open the program by double-clicking on the shortcut icon on your desktop.

Step 4

Click on the "Open" button and then find your password-protected file. Double-click on it. It should now appear in the "Encrypted ZIP File" box.

Step 5

Choose the option you want under "Type of Attack." The "Brute Force" option is the most likely to work, as it will go through every possible combination until it finds the password. But this could take a while. Other options like "Dictionary" could be quicker, but are less assured of working.

Step 6

Click "Start" when ready, and the program will begin trying to break your archive's password.