How to Bypass an Administrator Password for Windows

By Margaret Worthington

If you need to get into a computer but aren't able to because you can't remember the password on the Administrator account, you can bypass this password by resetting it. This password reset process is straightforward to do provided that you have some basic computer expertise and access to a few tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Extra computer
  • CD writing software
  • CD writer
  • Blank CD

Step 1

Download a boot CD such as the Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) or Hiren's Boot CD (see Resources). The boot CD will come in an ISO file format, which is simply an image file of the CD.

Step 2

Write the boot CD ISO file to a blank CD on your spare computer. Most CD writing software supports burning ISO files, and Windows Vista and 7 both support it natively in the operating system. When you write the ISO file to a CD, use the slowest burning speed possible so that no errors occur.

Step 3

Eject the CD that you wrote from your spare computer and insert it into the computer whose Administrator password you need to bypass. Turn on the computer and boot from the CD.

Step 4

Open the password reset program (the exact process for this differs depending on which boot CD you are using, but the general process will remain the same) and choose the Administrator account from the user account list.

Step 5

Remove the password from the Administrator account or reset it to something you will remember.

Step 6

Save the changes and restart the computer. Allow it to boot normally and then log in with the Administrator credentials you chose.