How to Bypass an Administrator Password in XP

By Mickey Walburg

Windows XP passwords are used to protect the system against unauthorized intrusion. The Administrator account on an XP machine is typically reserved for performing special tasks on the computer since it has no security restrictions placed upon it. If you have forgotten the password for the Administrator account on your XP computer, you can bypass it by resetting it or completely removing it with a special tool called a "boot CD."

Things You'll Need

  • Extra computer
  • Internet connection
  • CD-writing software
  • CD writer
  • Blank CD

Step 1

Download a boot CD, such as Hiren's Boot CD or UBCD, from the Internet (see the Resources section). This type of boot CD has a password reset program that can be used to bypass the Administrator password in XP.

Step 2

Burn the boot CD (which comes in a writable ISO file format) to a blank CD. Modern CD writing programs have this capability and if you use Windows Vista or Windows 7 this capability is built-in to the operating system.

Step 3

Take the boot CD that you have burned and insert it into the computer whose Administrator password needs to be reset. Start the computer and boot from the CD.

Step 4

Choose the password reset option in the boot CD. This option will be located differently depending on what type of boot CD you choose, but in each case the general process for launching it will be the same.

Step 5

Select the Administrator account as the account you wish to modify and choose to either reset the password or completely remove it.

Step 6

Restart the computer and allow it to boot to the operating system. Log in to the operating system on the Administrator account using the new password you have chosen.