How to Bypass an iPhone Activation Without a SIM Card on Windows

By Travis Meyer

Most iPhones are sold in conjunction with cellular data carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, and you can't bypass the activation screen without a SIM card issued by one of these carriers. To bypass this screen, you need to use a GPP SIM, which communicates to the phone that the carrier is linked and the phone is authorized for activation. GPP SIMs can be purchased online without entering into a data contract or an agreement with a cellular data carrier.

Things You'll Need

  • iTunes
  • iPhone connector cable
  • GPP SIM Card
  • Paperclip

Step 1

Turn the iPhone on, connect it to your Windows computer using the USB connector cable, and then start iTunes.

Step 2

Straighten the paperclip and use it to remove the SIM drawer on the side of your iPhone. Find the SIM drawer by locating the pinhole.

Step 3

Place the GPP SIM card in the SIM drawer and insert it back into the iPhone.

Step 4

Unlock the Start screen and follow the prompts provided by the iPhone. Choose “Back Up From iTunes” if you’d like to set up your phone using a backup file stored in iTunes.

Step 5

Tap “Activate” to finalize the process.

Tips & Warnings

  • Numerous online vendors sell GPP SIMs for bypassing the activation process on an iPhone.