How to Calibrate a Vizio LCD TV

By Maxwell Payne

Vizio LCD TVs come with all picture settings set to the defaults. You should calibrate these settings based on your viewing preferences and viewing environment (such as a brightly lit room). Using the included Vizio remote, you can make minor adjustments to a wide range of screen settings.

Step 1

Push the "Menu" button on the Vizio remote control. Wait for the "Picture" menu screen to appear.

Step 2

Press the "OK" button on the remote to select the first menu option for "Picture."

Step 3

Use the "up" and "down" arrow buttons to select a picture option you want to calibrate. Choices include "Picture mode," "Backlight," "Brightness," "Color," "Contrast," "Tint," and "Sharpness."

Step 4

Use the "left" and "right" arrow keys on the remote to make a calibration adjustment to the setting you want to change. For example, to adjust the brightness, navigate to "Brightness." When it is highlighted, use the "left" and "right" arrows to bring the brightness up or down.

Step 5

Press "Menu" when you are finished with a setting to go back to the "Picture" menu. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for each additional setting you want to adjust.

Tips & Warnings

  • Scroll to the bottom of the "Picture" menu to highlight "Reset Picture Mode." Press "OK" to reset the TV to its factory image settings.

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