How to Call Someone Using a Restricted Number

By Rachel Cates

Calling someone froma restricted number will allow you to keep your identity anonymous. This is particularly useful if you are phoning someone that you don't trust to have your number or if you are calling just to see if someone is home and quickly hang up afterward. In any case, placing a restricted call can be accomplished easily.

Step 1

Press *67 and enter the telephone digits normally. *67 restricts your telephone number and will show "Private Caller" or "Restricted" on the recipient's caller ID. This will only work for the call immediately following *67 and will cease on your next call unless you repeat the process.

Step 2

Call or visit the website of your landline or cell phone provider and request to block your phone line. All calls placed while your phone is blocked will be restricted and your phone number will be not be viewable to call recipients. You may be charged a monthly fee for this service.

Step 3

Go to the "Settings" menu on your telephone to see if you are capable of enabling a call block. Depending on your phone model and service plan, this feature may be accessed directly from your phone or may be available for immediate download if you have a smartphone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some people set up their telephone accounts to refuse acceptance of restricted calls. In this situation, you will have to unblock your number to speak with that person via telephone.