How to Cancel Intelius

By C. Taylor

Intelius offers several services, such as identity protection, people-searching services, background checking and several others. Many of these services are automatically billed to your credit card every month until you cancel your account, which might not be as easy as it sounds. Several online complaint boards have featured distressed Intelius customers, who have had trouble canceling their accounts. To cancel Intelius, it would be wise to follow through with several methods to verify your account has indeed been canceled.

Step 1

Log in to your Intelius account and look for a cancellation page. Depending on your service, this might be found under the "Services" tab by clicking "Details" and looking under the "Manage Service" section. You might also find it under "View dashboard," which is accessible from the "Services" tab. In both cases, the link you are looking for is "Cancel my account." Click this and follow the instructions to cancel your account.

Step 2

Go to the Intelius "Contact Us" page, located through a link at the bottom of the Intelius home page, and send it an email. In the "Subject" drop-down menu, select "how do I cancel my subscription service." In your email, make it clear that you wish to cancel your account immediately.

Step 3

Call Intelius at 877-974-1563 for its Identity Protection service or 888-445-2727 for its People Search Membership. Instruct the customer sales representative that you wish to cancel your membership. If you have the means to record the call, then doing so will give you proof of your request to cancel, in case subsequent charges appear on your credit card.

Step 4

Monitor your credit card statements to insure no billings take place after cancellation.