How to Capitalize Everything in a Row in Microsoft Excel 2003

By Tammy James

Microsoft Excel makes it easy to organize data and information, but its functionality extends beyond just organization. In Excel, formulas provide you with a broad suite of tools. Although many formulas are used for performing calculations on numbers, there are also formulas to help you format text. Formulas can save you time if you need to change the case of an entire row of cells. The "Upper," "Lower" and "Proper" worksheet functions control whether words in the spreadsheet are all upper case, lower case or title case. Using these formulas is easy to learn.

Capitalizing a Row of Cells

Step 1

Start Microsoft Excel 2003, and open your spreadsheet.

Step 2

Click the row number, not the cell, of the row immediately beneath the one you want to capitalize.

Step 3

Right-click and select "Insert" to insert an empty new row.

Step 4

Click the cell in the new row that is directly beneath the left-most cell of the row you want to capitalize.

Step 5

Type "=UPPER(name of cell immediately above the one you are typing in)". Press "Enter."

Step 6

Click the cell you just typed in to select it, and then hold the cursor in the lower-right corner of the cell until a black plus sign appears.

Step 7

Hold the left mouse button down, and drag the cursor to the right, highlighting the whole row you want to capitalize.

Tips & Warnings

  • To replace the original row of text, you will first need to replace the formula references in your new row. Click the row number of the row to select it, right-click and choose "Copy." Then right-click again and choose "Paste Special." Under "Paste," choose "Values," and then click "OK." You can now delete the original row, and your new row of capitalized text will remain.
  • The same procedure as outlined in Steps 1-7 can be followed if you want to change text to all lower case or all sentence case, by replacing the word "UPPER" in Step 5 with "LOWER" or "PROPER."