How to Carry a Microscope

By Amelia McDoogleburger

A microscope is a valuable piece of laboratory equipment that must be handled carefully. Carrying a microscope properly is easy with a few simple tips.

Step 1

Preparation is important when moving a microscope. Make sure that the path to the new destination is clear of obstructions and that the area where the microscope will be placed is clean. If the microscope will be moved from one room to another, take a moment to prop open any doors.

Step 2

Prepare the microscope for transport. If there is a slide under the microscope, remove it and clean the lens of the microscope with lens paper. If the microscope is plugged in to an electrical outlet, remove the plug from the outlet and secure the cord.

Step 3

Carefully place one hand on the arm of the microscope. Slowly lift the microscope up, and place your other hand underneath the base to provide support.

Step 4

Walk slowly and keep the microscope close to your body while carrying it to the new destination.

Step 5

Set the microscope down gently in the new location. If needed, plug the cord into the nearest electrical outlet and carefully secure any excess cord.

Tips & Warnings

  • Take your time when lifting the microscope. Microscopes can be heavier or lighter than you think.