How to Catch a Cheater with Cell Phone Spy

By Techwalla Contributor

If you suspect your husband or wife is cheating and you want hard proof, you can catch a cheater using the latest cell phone spy technology. Cell phone spying can range from retrieving deleted text messages, to listening in on live phone calls.

Step 1

Brickhouse Security offers a device called Cell Phone Spy that allows you to retrieve text messages from a cheating spouse's phone. (This spy device works on a phone that has a removable SIM card, so it won't work on Blackberry, iPhone, or any Verizon Phone. ) You simply plug the SIM card into the Cell Phone Spy, and plug it into the USB port on you computer. From there you can read illicit text messages.

Step 2

Flexispy offers a wide selection of cell phone eavesdropping technologies that you can use to uncover an affair. Their most deluxe package allows you to listen in on your spouse's cell phone calls, turn his or her phone into a GPS tracker, and even enable a remote microphone device that allows you to hear other conversations. Your spouse won't be able to detect the spy software either.

Step 3

Record Cell Phones .com offers a unique spy system that records cell phone conversations on a third party voice mail system. You receive a special phone number that you can call anytime to listen to your cheating husband or wife on the phone with the other person. Your cheating spouse won't know he's under surveillance.

Step 4

Most of these surveillance systems cost at least a couple hundred dollars, but they are worth the investment if you want answers about a possible affair. Check your state's laws regarding legal issues.